Christians Must Form Militias Now


Christians and Jews Must Form Militias To Survive

by Charles Lionheart

The darkness from Hell in the embodiment of Islam presently casts a heinous shadow across the entire globe. Christians and Jews in America must begin to arm and organize themselves to protect their families and preserve their way of life. If you wait for the government of Barack Hussein Obama to take action against the militant Muslims living in this country you will be dead – a victim of “The Jihad” or as the Jihadist call it, “Islamic Justice”. We have seen what the Islamic Jihadist living in Christian Lebanon did to that country – they destroyed it killing every Christian and Jew they could find. What was once known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” is now a living hell-hole with armed Muslim militia on every street corner. No one could believe this had happened to a modern Christian nation. And the rest of the world stood by doing nothing. This my dear friend will be your family’s future if you do not act now. Christians in Iraq have united and formed new militias to protect themselves against annihilation by Muslim jihadists in Iraq. Learn from their experiences and act now:

"During five years we were victims of the general violence in Iraq but mainly from violence carried by Islamic jihadists who want us to follow their religious behaviors, though we are from a different culture and belief," Priest Michel Youssef, militias supporter in Mosul, told

Few armed Christians started patrolling their areas last year but now there are 250 of them with official approval from the US army base in Mosul. Armed with heavy machine guns and assault rifles, they receive salaries of around US $250 and are commanded by Father Yusuf Yohannes.

"The idea to form militias was the only way to protect our families and friends from attacks because we are tired of waiting an action from the government which is preoccupied with politics and never look after us," said Youssef.

Christian women in many parts of Iraq, including Nineveh, still wear Abayas - the traditional full-length cloak - and headscarves to prevent them from being distinguished from Muslims and avoid becoming victims of extremist violence.

"I want to walk wearing what I want and eating when I want," said Louise Annuar, a 38-year-old primary school teacher and mother of two. "During years we lived in peace in this land where I was born. All Muslims were happy to be part of our lives, share our thoughts and respect our decisions," she recalls bitterly.

"Today we are seen as prostitutes for not wearing traditional clothes, our husbands killed for not fasting or wearing shorts, our children out from schools and colleges for security reasons and even our churches closed after constant attacks and threats."

The last census in 1987 counted 1.35 million Christians in Iraq, but nearly half left during the 1990s when economic sanctions were imposed by the UN. Thousands more have left since the 2003 US-led invasion after targeted attacks from Muslims left many thousands of Christians killed nationwide. According to the local Christians Peace Association (CPA), about 350,000 Christians remain in Iraq from 800,000 prior to the invasion. That horrifying statistic represents over a half-million Christians killed by Muslims in just five years!           Continue ...